Headliner: MIKE RIVERA, Featuring: Nathan Wallace

October 18th
Doors Open 7pm
Show Starts 8pm

With nearly three decades on stage, Mike Rivera has established himself as a premier comedy attraction and consistent crowd-pleaser from coast to coast. Class is in session when this longtime teacher takes the stage, with his trademark “teachable moments” keeping the audience laughing night after night. The quick-witted comedian tears through a fast-paced set that highlights his likable stage persona and clever writing style. It’s no wonder that ABC’s The View named him “America’s Most Hilarious Teacher” in a nationally-televised comedy competition.

Also, featuring Nathan Wallace

Headliner: BILL “BULL” OHSE, Featuring: Johnny Hobbs

October 25th
Doors Open 7pm
Show Starts 8pm

Headliner, Bill “Bull” Ohse started his comedy career in front of an audience of four on Sept. 11th 2002, the one-year anniversary of the trade center bombings, possibly the most difficult night in history to get a laugh. He has a large sense of humor that has kept him in comedy clubs throughout Florida. Come find out what made this stag champion over them all!

Also, featuring Johnny Hobbs


Headliner: RICK STEPINSKY, Featuring: Jander Gray

November 1st
Doors Open 7pm
Show Starts 8pm

Headliner, Rick Stepinsky, just voted best stand-up comedian by Creative Loafing. They say laughter is the best medicine and Stepinsky delivers so get ready to feel great and laugh hard.

Also, featuring Jander Gray


Headliner: Tim the Dairy Farmer, Featuring: Vinnie Ward

November 8th
Doors Open 7pm
Show Starts 8pm

Headliner, Tim Moffett is a Florida dairy farmer and an even better comedian! If you can grow it, pick it, pluck or pull it, theres a joke in there somewhere! Tim is the funniest farmer you’ll ever see.

Most recently Tim signed with famed comedian Larry the Cable Guy to produce Tim’s new album ‘Farm Raised’.

Also, featuring Vinnie Ward



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